Saturday, January 7, 2012

Guatemalan Frijoles Volteados Recipe (My Favorite!)

In Guatemala this is eaten twice a day (breakfast and dinner.) The first day that it is served, it is served more liquid. You dip french bread in it, or serve it as a sauce over fried plantains. The left overs are refrigerated and cooked up the following days (fried with a little bit of oil) and the mixture becomes more like a paste.
Frijoles volteados may replace refried beans in any of your favorite recipes.

1 cup of dried black beans (or 2 cans of black beans)
2/3 cup of bean water (reserved from cooking the beans)
1/3 cup of chopped onion
2 cloves of chopped garlic
1-2 tsp Salt*
1 TBS oil.
Sort, soak, and cook beans until tender. Separate beans from bean water. Place beans in blender with 2/3 cup of bean water (may add more, if mixture is too thick.) Add garlic, onions, and salt (if using canned beans you may want to omit the salt) to mixture and continue to blend.
On medium heat add oil to a pan, and then add the black bean mixture. Continue to cook until thickens. Add salt to taste (beans will taste bland without enough salt.)

If you are looking for a product that you can just buy, I reccomend Ducal Black Beans.  They are made in Guatemala, and they are the only beans that taste like the real deal!  They can be tricky to find,  but there really is no substituition!

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